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Non-Profit Services


Non-profit organizations impact our world powerfully by providing much-needed services that uplift our community. Build your non-profit organization's capacity to execute its goals efficienctly and productively through coaching on creative meeting design and coaching on strategic planning.

Meeting Facilitation


Productive meetings are key to any successful team effort. Meeting facilitation can be beneficial in two main areas in non-profit organizations:


Board meetings are a necessary and important component of non-profit work. because it is where key decisions and policy are formed and discussed.  I can work with you and your team on facilitating a productive board meeting where everyone's input can be heard and processed. I can also work with you on creating a successful meeting that is structured and focused so that Board members can easily process the issues and concerns faced by the team.


Volunteers are integral to non-profit organizations.  They are the backbone of many organizations, and also need management to ensure productivity, particularly in meetings.  From the perspective of volunteers, sitting through countless meetings can feel unproductive, and result in volunteer attrition. I'll work with you on creating a meeting design that provides a space for all voices to be heard, and structure agenda so that you make the most out of the meeting time. I'll also work with you on facilitating challenging meetings so that your team is able to maximise productivity, and where volunteers and team members walk away with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  Build productivity while maintaining a loyal volunteer base with better meeting practices.

Coaching Services


Whether you are looking to take your non-profit to the next level, resolve issues or conflicts within the organization or manage existing challenges, I can work with you and your team to address these concerns.


Through the process of Co-Active Coaching, we will tackle issues, arrive at sustainable solutions and maximise your personal and the organization's capacity to be more impactful in the community.

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