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Are you at a place in your career where you want a more fulfilling job but aren’t sure where to start? A lack of clarity and purpose can keep you stuck in unproductive thinking. Worse yet, your fear of jumping from the frying pan into the fire keeps you in an demotivating job.  Your perspectives may be limiting your choices, and it’s time to change that so you can increase your impact.  In career development coaching, I will navigate you through your limiting beliefs to help you design a fulfilling career where you can show up authentically at work - a career that fits you, your strengths and talents.



  • 60-min coaching sessions

  • Career Resources

  • Career Assessments


Are you seeking to grow in your current position but not sure how to go to the next level of your career? Perhaps you have an informal leadership role at work and you want to leverage your strengths to improve your performance.  Whether you have a formal title or not, you may be a leader at work faced with increasing expectations both with managing people and tasks.  Through your performance, you have to inspire the best in your team. Ask yourself the following - Do you have the imposter syndrome? Are you unsure of how to delegate tasks and spend more time on what you’re passionate about? Do you find yourself second-guessing your decisions, and engaging in people-pleasing? Do you struggle with difficult conversations with those you manage and manage you? Do you feel lost about how to move to the next level at work? A clear sense of purpose prevents burnout. I can work with you to leverage your strengths for better performance, and work through limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. 


  • 90-min Discovery Session

  • 60-min coaching sessions

  • Leadership Assessment Tool

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I highly recommend Sharanya if you need help with your career path. Sharanya worked with me to help me find my strengths and what career and business path was ideal for me. Sharanya is not only smart and knowledgeable, she is insightful, understanding and kind. I learned a lot during this process and only wish I had done this earlier in my career.

- David Kervin, Jr.

I worked with Sharanya Rao for five months in determining a new career path. Her interest in helping me discover precisely what motivates, challenges, and excites me created the perfect foundation to revamp my resume, cover letter, linkedin. Her guidance with informational interviews and overall knowledge of several industries assisted reaffirmed my true interests. She provided several assignments and suggested practices that kept me on target to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Sharanya regardless of what stage of your career you are in - she will coach you to success.

- Michelle Engfer

Sharanya changed my life - as simple as that. She helped me rediscover my confidence, passion, and competence, and truly see my life and career through a new pair of lenses. The changes that I have seen after working with her are fantastic and I believe there is more to come. Sharanya knows how to listen to you, how to understand your struggles, how to get the best out of you, and push you when needed. Her passion and joy are contagious and she has a way to make you think about things in ways you had never thought before. I highly recommend Sharanya Rao as a career and life coach.

- Alejandra Mielke, Ph.D

Don't hesitate anymore, today is the day to make a change!


If you used to enjoy going to work, but continue to find yourself questioning if this is the right path, then I highly suggest working with Sharanya Rao. From day one, she was committed to partnering with me on my journey of self-discovery, and was fully present in helping me discover what values, interests, and skills were not being honored in my current position. After eight vigorous sessions, I have a better idea of what drives me as a professional and I now have a strategy for completing my career transition thanks to the support and accountability from Sharanya. This truly has been a huge milestone in not only my career, but also my personal life. I have zero regrets signing up and would encourage anyone out there who is looking for anything from discovering the right career to leadership coaching and development, she does it all! Thank you Sharanya, you have impressed me with your wisdom, guidance, and power as a career coach.

- Brie Rutterford

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