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Coaching with the Kindle Life Spark


The launch of Kindle Life Coaching is a really special moment for me.  It marks the end of my search for a fulfiling career and the beginning of an exciting journey of living my life purpose.  For many years I wondered how my background in law, dispute resolution, government, non-profit work, theatre and spirituality would come together.  I remained listless and restless, yearning to do more, and be more.  The search ended for me when I attended my first International Coaching Federation (ICF) meeting in Austin, Texas.  I connected with the coaching profession with ease and passion.  It felt like the mural that was my life's work was finally coming together - the picture of coaching came alive for me.  That night, I sat with 3 life coaches at Happy Hour who shared their fascinating stories of how they began coaching.  I connected with their stories deeply, and began to realize how my life's journey had brought me to that point - that unique place where I was poised to take the next leap in my career.


Once I signed up with Coaches Training Institute (CTI), there was no looking back.  The training was immensely powerful, satisfying and thought-provoking.  It lit my spark for coaching. But it was only after I coached my first client that I began to see how immensely valuable the coaching process can be.  I was honored to be witness to their learning on their journey of self-discovery. I wanted to share my knowledge and help as many people as I could. I decided to formalize my intentions as a coach, and Kindle Life Coaching took form.


Kindle Life Coaching is my unique blend of coaching. Using the Co-Active Coaching model, I am committed to working with clients on their journey to discover what lights them up.  Having spent a good deal of sweat and tears on my search, I am present with empathy and support. My goal is to provide a nurturing space for clients to look deeply within themselves, ask the hard questions, face their fears, tease out options and become accountable.  The coaching experience is fun yet scary, intense yet freeing, uncomfortable yet fulfiling, and every other juxtaposition you can think of! And, it is different for different people.  The clients who gain most out of the experience are those who come with an open mind filled with curiosity about themselves, keen to know what makes them tick.


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