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Meet Sharanya


Career & Leadership Coach

Owner, Kindle Life Coaching

A Creative Powerhouse That Awakens Transformation.

"Having lived and worked in 8 cities around the world, I'm a subject-matter expert on navigating change and starting over. Through my numerous life and career transitions, I have successfully reinvented myself several times over through learning and unlearning. Now, I have become the coach I wish I had when I was making these transitions - someone who helps clients get clear on what matters most so they can steer themselves in the direction of their North star in times of uncertainty. I help my clients embrace change and use it as a springboard for growth."


I bring cultural sensitivity and empathy to support my clients in finding

creative solutions to their challenges.


I want to help you see how your work life integrates with who you are as a person so that you can show up more fully for both your professional and personal life.


I am a creative powerhouse who awakens clarity and transformation in my clients. As a professional career and leadership coach, I am committed to bringing positive, sustaining change in both individuals and organizations using mindfulness, cultural awareness and Co-Active coaching.


I love learning about what makes people tick. I am committed to partnering with my clients on their journey of self-discovery by being fully present with empathy and support. I provide a nurturing space for clients to become deeply introspective and to step into their authentic selves; asking them the hard questions and holding them accountable to their professional goals.

My diverse background forms a tapestry of skills that serve my clients in unique ways. As a former lawyer, I bring skills in critical thinking, analysis, and pragmatism to coaching. Having served in non-profit organizations for over 20 years, I deeply care for people in my community and pursue a service-oriented approach to work. Diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of my practice as I understand the strengths of an inclusive mindset. As a woman of color from a multicultural background, I understand the unique challenges that other women of color face at work.

As a creative artist, I kindle my clients’ inner flame of creativity and empower them to go beyond their limiting beliefs. After living in 5 countries, I have a unique cultural background that cultivates a more inclusive space for clients. 


Before coaching, I was a litigation lawyer in Singapore and I have a Masters of Law in Dispute Resolution. I am a certified coach with the International Coach Federation and the Co-Active Training Institute. I am a team coach trained in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). I am also a certified consultant for the Leadership Circle Profile and the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ360 Assessments.


"Sharanya is a natural coach.

Her loving, comforting, and confident personality put anyone at ease. She is a great listener and her training in law has given her the knack to get to the crux of the matter. She knows how to make others think efficiently and helps them help themselves."

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CONNECT WITH SHARANYA  /  Tel. 1-512-797-7524

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