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We are all born with innate abilities as unique as our DNA. Yet not everyone lives their lives to their full potential because of fear, doubt, or a lack of confidence in their abilities.

Transitions in your career and life - for instance, a new job, moving to a new town, becoming a parent, or managing workplace behavior - can be stressful and result in emotional upheaval.  Kindle Life Coaching provides individual coaching sessions to help you manage all of these changes, find clarity, and turn them into powerful opportunities for self-discovery and growth. Schedule a session today to see how this can benefit you!


The goal of Kindle Life Coaching is to be a partner on your journey of

self-discovery and help you conquer the obstacles, emotional challenges, and

self-defeating thoughts that prevent you from being all you want to be.



& Diverse.

Sharanya's diverse background forms a tapestry of skills that serve her clients in unique ways. As a former lawyer, she brings skills in critical thinking, analysis, and pragmatism to coaching. Having served in non-profit organizations for over 20 years, she deeply cares for people in her community and pursues a service-oriented approach to work. Being a global citizen, she invites people to bring their full identity into the conversation, as well as the need for belonging and what that means to each client.

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“Working with Sharanya has been incredible! I am in the process of founding a yoga retreat, and was overwhelmed by the mere idea of it, not to mention the money, responsibility, etc. Sharanya and I have worked in great detail through my motivations, fears, and aspirations for my project, and now I feel confident and happy about the challenges before me.  She understands the balance between practical career decisions, psychology, and the spiritual -

I couldn't ask for a better coach!!!"

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